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Saint Malo

Distante circa 56 km da Mont Saint Michel, Saint malo è una cittadina magica che si affaccia sul mare,popolata di villette che sembrano dei mini castelli,con un castello vero che si erge vicino al porto. Le sue spiaggie sono enormi e diventano ancora piĂą immense grazie alle maree. La magia non solo si vede maContinua a leggere “Saint Malo”


The Bridge

Tower Bridge is a relatively recent bridge, as its construction began in 1886 and was completed in 1894. From the second half of the 20th century Tower Bridge began to enjoy international success, becoming one of the main symbols of London, preceded only by Big Ben and flanked by Trafalgar Square and the London Eye.Continua a leggere “The Bridge”

Le Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint-Michel (in Norman language Mont Saint MichĂ©, in Breton language Menez Mikael ar Mor) is a tidal islet situated on the northern coast of France, where the river Couesnon flows into, on which a sanctuary was built in honour of Saint Michael the Archangel, whose original name was Mons Sancti Michaeli in periculo mariContinua a leggere “Le Mont Saint Michel”


Carnaby Street is a street in London, in the district of Soho, near Oxford Street, and just east of Regent Street. Described by Charles Dickens as a bad area in Nicholas Nickleby, it initially became popular with followers of the Mod style in the 1960s, after in 1958 John Stephen, a young Scottish designer, openedContinua a leggere “London”

Castle of Fougeres

The castle of Fougères (in French: château de Fougères; in Breton: Kastell Felger) is one of the most famous castles in Brittany and one of the most imposing in Europe ; it is a medieval fortress built in the 12th century and extended several times until the 15th century, located on a rocky islet onContinua a leggere “Castle of Fougeres”

Welcome to my workshop.

Dear visitor here you will find the photos I have taken in my life.My photographs contain memories, emotions and feelings that are difficult to explain in words.Have a good trip. 📸 mc_booklab®️ 2020